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U.S. Government Launches Infrastructure Grant Program Worth $1.5 Billion

On Friday, the U.S. Transportation Department announced the opening of a $1.5 billion grant program for a variety of infrastructure projects.

According to USNEWS, one billion dollars worth of projects were awarded in 47 states by the department in November.

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, said the funds will “support more projects than ever, and help make our transportation system safer, more accessible, and more sustainable for people across the country.”

Joe Biden signed into law the $1 trillion infrastructure bill which will provide $660 billion over five years to the Transportation Department, including $210.5 billion in grants awarded competitively. Approximately $71 billion of that will be allocated to the competitive agenda.

As part of his domestic agenda, Biden has prioritized rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

In addition to safety and environmental sustainability, the department will evaluate proposals for economic competitiveness, state of good repair, partnership, and innovation, including mobility and community connectivity.

Buttigieg will speak on Friday about the new program in Kansas.

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups said that the U.S. must not only rebuild existing roads and bridges but also drastically improve public transportation.

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Last year, grants under the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program were awarded to rebuild roads and create rail lines.

Adding a bike lane and reconstructing a 1.1-mile section of road received $20 million in funding for Seattle.

A 15-mile trail was funded with $12.2 million in Washington County, Oregon.

North Carolina won $15 million to build a new multimodal transit center, and New Orleans won $18.5 million to improve the collection of transit fares.

Applicants must submit their applications latest by April, and grants will be awarded in August.

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