U.S. banks flagged 150+ global business transactions involving Biden’s son and brother as suspicious, according to a report.

U.S. banks allegedly flagged a number of transactions involving Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden as suspicious, according to the latest report.

Catherine Herridge of CBS News’ investigative unit learned that more than 150 transactions involving either Hunter or James Biden’s international business dealings had been flagged as suspicious by US banks for further review. Large wire transfers were among the concerns.”



CBS News quoted Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) as saying, “I think James Biden was very much a part of this,” in reference to his belief that Hunter Biden’s brother, James, played a significant role in the senator’s business dealings in communist China.

James Biden’s consulting firm, The Lion Hall Group, was paid directly by a Chinese finance consulting firm this week,” Herridge said. That both Hunter and James Biden were promised $165,000-a-month retainers for their China work after Joe Biden stepped down as vice president in 2017 is concerning, according to Sen. Grassley.”

Grassley said that “we have people by Biden’s name, dealing with Chinese business people who have a relationship with the Communist Party.” In my opinion, it’s extremely alarming.

A separate investigation by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware into possible violations of tax and foreign lobbying laws led federal investigators to seek Hunter and James Biden’s business records from a major U.S. bank dating back to 2014, according to this 2019 subpoena verified by CBS News, Herridge added.

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