Two women tragically died of hypothermia in Tarrant County

Tarrant County is in heartbreak after two women died of hypothermia last week.

The first, 81-year-old Odessa Johnson, was discovered in her Fort Worth house amid a harsh winter storm that brought freezing temperatures to the area.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s records revealed Johnson’s death was caused by the cold. This incident demonstrates the fatal risks faced by extreme winter circumstances, particularly for vulnerable people.

Second Hypothermia Death at Senior Living Facility

Days later, another unfortunate tragedy occurred when 78-year-old Vernestine Kidd, a resident of Mountain Creek Senior Living in Grand Prairie, died from hypothermia.

Family members are questioning how 78-year-old Vernestine Kidd developed hypothermia at Mountain Creek Senior Living in Grand Prairie:

Kidd’s illness and eventual death have raised major questions about the safety and treatment of elders in such facilities, especially during extreme weather events.

Her stepson, Christopher Kidd, was shocked and wanted to know more about her frigid exposure.

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Community Demands Answers After Tragic Hypothermia Deaths

Following these incidents, there is an increased desire for clarity and accountability.

NBC 5 attempted to seek comments from Mountain Creek Senior Living and the Grand Prairie Police Department, but were faced with privacy constraints.

The comments, or lack thereof, have not gone over well with the families of the deceased, leaving them with unanswered questions regarding the protection measures in place for seniors during severe cold spells.

The community now expects facility management to explain and reassure them about the precautions in place to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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