Two people, including a 15-year-old, were shot and died in Austin

The killer of a 15-year-old girl is still at large, and the search for him continues. She and a man were shot at a party in Chicago’s Austin area on a Sunday night.

CBS 2’s Megan Hickey looked into the situation and found that the shooting may have been related to a nightclub.

A motorcycle club currently operates out of the building, or at least did in the past.

According to the neighbours, this was unlike the usual mass parties that take place in the area.

Twitter users’ cell phone footage shows a chaotic scene with gunshots audibly in the background.

In the words of one witness, “I just saw everybody running, scrambling, racing to their cars, trying to escape out of harm’s path,” Diandre. For many children, this is the worst news in the world.

According to CBS 2, locals living in the 5800 block of West Augusta weren’t surprised to see a large crowd congregating in front of the closed motorcycle club.

At midnight, a guy opened fire on a crowd of pedestrians who were milling around the intersection of Augusta and Mayfield, according to the police.

The CBS 2 pod camera reportedly caught the altercation that broke out in the lobby.

Afterward, a group of males left the building, and shots were heard coming from outside on the street.

Gary resident Linner Tyrone Hawkins, 44, was found shot to death in the chest and taken to Stroger Hospital.

Another victim, 15-year-old Ruby Naratette, was pronounced dead after being shot in the head.

On Monday, the school superintendent verified that she attended Morton East High School. A 39-year-old man shot himself in the leg and rushed himself to the emergency room.

It can be traumatic for someone to see “so many young kids rushing through the streets, running for their life,” as Diandre put it.

According to the Department of Buildings, there have been no recent infractions of building codes at this location.

Administrator Dr. Tim Truesdale issued the following statement: “One of our Morton East students has passed away, and we are devastated by this news.

Counseling services for those dealing with loss have been made available to students and faculty.

In this trying time, we will continue to honor the family’s request for privacy.” According to the neighbours, it was a rude awakening to hear the news.

A local resident named Cordero Wyatt put it best: “Simply another kid just losing their lives for no reason.” So, “it’s extremely sad.”

So, was this a functional enterprise? According to a statement released by the city’s Office of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, the clubhouse does not have a valid business license.

Source: CBS News

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