Two People Killed in a Stabbing at Southern California Shopping Centre

An arrest has been made in connection with the deadly stabbings of two people on Thursday at a shopping centre in Los Angeles County.

A woman was discovered in the Destination O-Eight Shopping Center parking lot by deputies. They were sent to the location in Palmdale, north of Los Angeles, shortly before noon.

At the scene, she was declared deceased.

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that a man who had been stabbed at least once in another section of the parking lot passed away at a hospital.

Victims’ Identities Not Immediately Made Public

KCBS-TV received a witness account of the woman’s assault.

She added that the woman was screaming and running back and forth from the parking lot. She was stabbed many times in the back, on the side of her ribcage, and in the stomach.

According to Treece, the murderer “walked away from it, came back, and began stabbing her again” after the victim fell to the ground. Then he left again, returned, kicked her, and stabbed her twice more.

Detained a Male

At the scene, authorities detained a male. A bearded guy with a vest and headgear was seen being detained by deputies in news footage.

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Authorities did not say right away why the stabbings happened or how the suspect was related to the people who were hurt.

However, authorities said that it seemed the victims weren’t shopping.

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