Two Boys Killed in Chicago Shooting


According to Chicago police, two people have died after being discovered on the Far South Side of Chicago with gunshot wounds on Thursday morning.

Michael Hence, 13, was one of the victims, according to the medical examiner. The second victim, according to police, is 12 years old, but the medical examiner has not yet released his identity.

At about 6:50 in the morning, CPD said that the victims were discovered unresponsive in the 11400-block of South Calumet Avenue in Chicago’s Roseland area.

One suffered a head wound from a gunshot and was declared dead on the spot. The other, who had been shot in the neck and chest, was rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital, where he eventually passed away, according to the police.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are yet unknown according to the police. Some of the neighbors claimed they heard gunshots as they woke up.

While some of them claimed to have heard multiple rounds of gunfire, others claimed not to have. They all expressed amazement that such an incident occurred on their block, which they claimed was typically quite calm in their neighborhood.

Who are the children? From where did they come? Larry Davis questioned, “How did they get there?

It’s terrible, claimed a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. The fact that such things occur locally is disturbing, yet it is the way things are in our area.

That man claimed that only a few years earlier on this same block, he had also lost his brother to gun violence.

He responded, “I lost my brother over here, so I understand the anguish of the families. The neighbors are now concerned about their safety. Really, nothing ever happened, according to Davis, who has lived in the area for 30 years.

Despite this, Davis thinks stronger police presence in particular neighborhoods could stop shootings like these. Davis remarked, “I haven’t seen police down this block in weeks.” “Perhaps they come through more frequently,”

The surrounding community is hoping for an explanation of this shooting shortly. Detectives from Area Two are looking into the incident, and no one is in arrest. Just a few hours earlier, a 17-year-old was discovered shot to death in an alley in Brainerd.

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