Two Arrested in Northwest DC Triple Shooting

A shooting that took place in Northwest District of Columbia in August resulted in the deaths of three people, and two men were taken into custody on Wednesday night.

Renza Bryant, 37 years old, from Northwest, and Jalonte Thompkins, 34 years old, from Northeast, were both taken into custody by the District of Columbia Police Department.

Approximately one hour before one o’clock in the morning on Saturday, August 5, police were dispatched to the 2500 block of Ontario Road in Northwest in response to a complaint of a shooting.

Two men were arrested Wednesday night in connection to a shooting that killed three people in Northwest D.C. in August:

When they arrived, they discovered that two brothers, James Morgan, 34, and Jamal Morgan, 30, both of Southeast, had been shot and killed at the location.

Two days after the initial incident, a third victim, identified as Vincent Martin, who was 42 years old, passed away at a hospital due to the effects of his injuries.

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The assistance of the general public was essential, according to Inspector Kevin Kentish of the Homicide Division of the District of Columbia Police Department.

“This did happen in a close proximity to our nightlife area. Fortunately for us, we were able to interview multiple witnesses and we were able to recover a lot of video footage. This could not have been done, of course, without the cooperation of the citizens,” said Kentish at a press conference Wednesday night.

First-degree murder while armed charges have been issued against the suspects, who were discovered in Maryland and brought back to the District of Columbia.

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