Trump’s Nick Fuentes Meal Gets Jimmy Kimmel’s Withering 1-Liner About Eric Trump

Jimmy Kimmel called Trump, Kanye West, and renowned white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ Mar-a-Lago meeting a “meeting of the dumb” on Monday.

Trump called Fuentes a “guest whom I had never met and knew nothing about” to deflect criticism of his dinner with him. “He says the same thing every time Eric comes over to eat,” Kimmel said.

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Kimmel also explained why he wanted rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, to approach Trump about being his running mate.

“But just to review, Kanye West went to Mar-a-Lago to have dinner with Donald Trump,” he stated. Trump claimed he was unaware of his plus one, a white supremacist and Holocaust denier.

“Which is worse?” Kimmel questioned. “Are you having the person over for dinner or not knowing you’re inviting a bigoted rando into a residence that was, until very recently, full of unsecured top-secret documents?” “Two words on your phone tell you you’re dining with a scumbag.”

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