Trump Supporters Wanted to Exit the Rally but Couldn’t. Then Expressed Their Anger on Social Media

A large number of former President Donald Trump’s followers were left dissatisfied at his event in Arizona on Saturday after being forced to wait for many hours before being allowed to leave.

As shown by the enthusiastic response of the audience to Mr. Trump’s address, the vast majority of those in attendance appeared to be enjoying Mr. Trump’s first rally of 2022.

Like every year, it contained his greatest hits of fallacies and lies regarding the allegedly stolen 2020 Presidential election, charges that have been consistently disproved by the scientific community.

And yet, despite the fact that Mr. Trump’s words were enthusiastically received by his supporters, what happened after he left the stage was a complete disaster. Soon after he ended his address, a lot of people resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that they were not permitted to leave the rally location for several hours.

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The Arizona Republic, which assigned reporters to the rally site, provided some insight into the post-rally delays, writing, “While individuals who attended the event were left elated, their mood may have turned sour when they got to their automobiles.”

People leaving the venue had to sit in their cars for more than an hour before they could finally drive out of the muddy parking lots and onto the highway.”

@special head, a TikToker on Twitter, spoke to those who were waiting to leave the Arizona event. Some people were said to have waited as long as three hours. The Secret Service, according to one woman, needed to keep the road secure, so they couldn’t leave until Trump arrived.

The Independent has reached out to Mr. Trump’s spokeswoman to obtain additional information about his remarks. When the Secret Service is present at an event, it is not uncommon for crowds to experience delays as they leave.

“The Secret Service can go **** themselves,” a man wearing a “Gods Guns & Trump” shirt yelled at the TikToker, who responded aggressively.

“This is complete nonsense. The TikToker was approached by a woman wearing a red vest with a USA pin on the lapel, who stated, “I’ve never had my freedom curtailed like this in my life.” “And of all the places for it to occur. “This was my first Trump rally.”

“I work as an attorney. “This is a form of false imprisonment,” she continued. “… They’re treating us as if we’re second-class citizens. What does it matter if all the VIPs go first? Who cares about the little people?”

According to the commentary on the TikTok video, there were no restrooms in the parking lot.

Another of the special heads TikToks from the demonstration included the unconfirmed accusation that some women peed on themselves as they waited for the rally to begin. At the time of writing, the video had received nearly 1.5 million views on TikTok.

The delay was described as “HOLDING TRUMP RALLY HOSTAGE” on Twitter by a user. “What a disgraceful way to treat your fans.”

It is estimated that the car queue will be between five and twenty-five miles long, according to DailyDot. This is something that Mr. Trump apparently alluded to in his speech.

The 75-year-old intends to hold a demonstration of a similar size in Texas the following month. His appearance in the state, along with that of disgraced former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, took place in December for President Donald Trump’s ‘History Tour,’ which made news due to allegedly low ticket sales.

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