Trump in Desperation-He Floats Impeachment ‘Double Jeopardy’ Claim Against Indictments

On Friday night, Donald Trump responded to the appointment of a special counsel to probe him by saying everything from “I am one of the most honest and innocent people” to “double jeopardy.”

The former president made the comments during a speech at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to handle a Justice Department investigation against Trump. At this time, authorities are investigating how secret materials made their way from the White House to Trump’s property during his final days in office.

Former Justice Department official Jack Smith has been appointed as special counsel and will oversee the ongoing investigation into Trump’s role in last year’s January 6 rebellion in Washington and efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

According to Trump’s remarks, the Justice Department has been “weaponized,” the decision to establish a special counsel was “appalling,” and former Vice President Joe Biden’s administration was “egregiously corrupt.” “Super far left,” he said of Smith.

Trump claims himself to be one of the most honest and innocent persons ever in the country

One of Trump’s first major claims about himself was that he is “one of the most honest and innocent persons ever in our country” and, therefore, should not be indicted for anything. When that didn’t clear things up, he claimed that he’d been acquitted in two impeachments, one of which was for his role in the rebellion of the previous year, so any new charges against him would be double jeopardy.

He then turned to the onlookers and questioned, “Isn’t this kind of like double jeopardy?” Impeachments are not subject to the constitutional prohibition against “double jeopardy,” which forbids trying someone twice for the same offense.

Trump said that the Justice Department’s investigation into the White House documents was “dying or dead or over”

Additionally, Trump said that the Justice Department’s investigation into the White House documents hidden at Mar-a-Lago was “dying or dead or over.” Senior judicial journalist Evan Pérez of CNN told fact-checker John Berman, “the former president is just making it up” after hearing Trump’s address.

There is “nothing to say” that the inquiry is dead, Pérez stated on the network. Subpoenas have been sent to anyone in his immediate vicinity recently. Indeed, nothing suggested that this problem was on its way out.

Berman claimed that the speaker went on and on and that much of what he said was deceptive and false. Furious about what he called “the worst politicization of justice in our country,” Trump told  on Friday that he would “not go along” with any investigation led by the special counsel.

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