Trump Becomes $99 Trading Card Hero

Political opponents have called Donald J. Trump a cartoon. On Thursday, the former president became one for profit.

Mr. Trump opened an internet shop to sell $99 digital trading cards depicting himself as a superhero, astronaut, Old West sheriff, and other fantasy characters in his first major public action since launching his 2024 presidential campaign last month.

In a quick, direct-to-camera video, he boasted that his four years in the White House were “better than Lincoln, better than Washington.”

Trump Sells $99 NFT Trading Cards of Himself, Confusing Allies - The New  York Times

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The sale of the trading cards, which Mr. Trump had pushed a day earlier as a “big announcement” on Truth Social, puzzled some of his advisors and angered some conservatives.

“Whoever advised Trump to do this should be fired,” tweeted Trump fans and stand-up comedians Keith and Kevin Hodge.

“Man, when all Patriots are looking for is hope for the future of our nation and Trump hypes everyone up with a “big announcement” then releases a low-quality NFT collection video as the “announcement,” it only drives people away,” they added in another post.


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