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Triple Virus: Valley Doctor Warns Parents Of Threats This Winter


A third respiratory infection is becoming more prevalent in Las Vegas hospitals, and doctors in the valley are warning that another COVID-19 wave and a terrible flu season are on the way.

Tanaisha Ward claims that after nearly three years of having to worry about COVID and the flu, we now need to be extremely vigilant for a third virus.

Ward added, “I’m simply afraid and anxious for my boys and my daughter.”

Many parents, including Ward, feel it frequently. She claims that this fall, in addition to fighting the flu and COVID, she is now struggling with the respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. Her daughter, age 2, already has it.

Ward described her as “coughing, wheezing, breathing hard, and sometimes she cannot even sleep.”

But Ward’s daughter is not the only one displaying RSV-like symptoms; Ward’s son is as well. Ward was escorting her children to the pediatrician when we arrived.

The most vulnerable age group, according to him, is 0 to 4-year-olds because RSV is now more severe in this age group. The infection has resulted from the elimination of COVID safety standards put in place during the epidemic. Dr Olivieri advises immunizing kids against COVID and the flu because there could be a winter rise in both illnesses.

“The hospitals are ready. Additionally, Dr Olivieri said, “We want to take care of everyone concerned about something dangerous happening. “We do need help sometimes. So the prevention of these diseases is the finest thing we can do for our community.”

Dr. Olivieri advises practicing good hygiene for both you and your children. washing your hands, avoiding contact with children while experiencing symptoms, and not reporting to work or school if you’re unwell.

He claims there is a preventative drug against RSV for parents of kids who are more at risk or have major health conditions. To find out if your child needs to receive it, he advises speaking with your pediatrician.

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