Trains on the Red and Purple Lines Get Tangled When a Man Leaps in Front of It and Dies

On Friday, a man leaped in front of a CTA train and was murdered, causing the lines to be delayed for the evening commute.

According to the police, an unidentified male leaped in front of a train in Edgewater, at the Bryn Mawr station. According to the authorities, he was discovered unconscious and later confirmed dead.

The man was found pinned beneath a moving train. On the lines at Bryn Mawr late on Friday afternoon, CTA workers were joined by police and fire services.

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It was reported that at first there would be no CTA service between Howard and Belmont.

Some service was eventually brought back, but as of 5:40 p.m., trains were only running between Howard and Thorndale and Belmont and 95th on a limited basis.

Thorndale and Belmont are connected by shuttle buses.

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