Toxic Algae Detected in King County Lakes: Health Advisory Issued

Seattle & King County’s Public Health Department has issued a warning urging the public to steer clear of King County lakes if they spot algae in the water.

Recent detection of toxic algae in Lake Washington, Green Lake, and Lake Wilderness has prompted concerns about potential health hazards.

Officials caution that this issue might extend to other bodies of water within the county.

We’ve found dangerous toxic algae in some King County lakes. Public Health – Seattle & King County recommends that you keep your pets away from water in King County lakes if you see algae in the water. Don’t allow pets to drink the water or get it on their fur:

Health Risks and Safety Precautions

A spokesperson highlighted the danger, stating, “We’ve identified hazardous toxic algae in some King County lakes.

Presently, these levels could harm pets, and certain algae blooms may pose a threat to human health.”

As a preventive measure, authorities advise pet owners to prevent their animals from drinking the water or getting it on their fur to avoid any potential harm.

These News Are Making Headlines:

The Public Health Department’s recommendation is a proactive measure to safeguard public health.

It underscores the importance of vigilance and caution around these affected bodies of water to prevent any possible health risks associated with the presence of toxic algae.

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