Top Amazon Gift Card Promotion You Can Get Right Now

Amazon is offering several gift card promotions that everyone should take advantage of right away. That is anyone and everyone who qualifies.

According to MSN, there are two promotions for Amazon gift cards at Amazon right now. Several other promotions are also available that you should know about. Right now, there is $15 free money available.

Do you know about the Amazon Reload? It’s actually a good thing if you answered “no.” Once you answer “no,” you can redeem a $10 credit on Amazon with an awesome promotion! Amazon Reload allows first-time reloaders to add $100 or more to their account. Upon doing so, they’ll get a free $10 Amazon credit.

Prime subscribers can also take advantage of a limited-time offer. To qualify, you must be an “eligible customer”. A customer will receive a $5 credit for streaming something using Prime Video. You can watch the promotional video by visiting the promo page, clicking the banner at the top, and following the instructions. That’s it.

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Don’t worry if you don’t qualify for the above promotions. You can also take advantage of another great Amazon promotion. You can get someone a gift card as a present if you like. Make sure you choose to use your own email address in the eGift card. In that case, you’re not spending a dime! A $50 simply goes into your Amazon account.

It’s important to note this. At checkout, enter the coupon code USGIFTCARD21. You will see a confirmation that the promotion worked after you do this. After two days, you’ll receive an extra $10 credit to your Amazon account.

Price: Spend $50, Get $10

Coupon Code: USGIFTCARD21

Buy Now

Additionally, you can get $10 off your purchase on Amazon when you switch to an eligible Amex card as your default payment method.

Just click this link and look on the page under the banner. If there’s a note that says “sorry, you were not eligible for this promotion,” then you are out of luck. If instead, you see the promo details, you can save $10!

Price: Save $10

Buy Now

Alternatively, one can buy an Amazon eGift Card of $50 or more and use the promo code THANKYOUGC21 at checkout. It will credit you $5! The eligibility requirements can be checked on the Amazon terms and conditions page to check. You may have seen this message: “Thank you for your interest in Amazon Gift Cards. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.” that means you missed out. If you saw terms and conditions, then, you’re in!

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