Tony Junior: Magician and Channel 4 Reality TV Star Dies of Covid-19

Tony junior, a TV magician who previously refused to take the covid 19 vaccines following his wife’s ‘super apprehensive’ behavior has died of covid-19.

Recently appeared in Channel 4 reality show Seasiders, Tony Junior was admitted to hospital at the start of August after contracting the virus.

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Tony Junior’s Last Facebook Post

While battling the virus, he had documented his battle with the disease on social media, saying no one on his critical care ward had received the jab.

On August 15, he wrote, ‘I’m only writing this because anyone apprehensive about the vaccine, you need to know what could be your alternative.’

Then on Monday, South Tyneside Council confirmed his death by paying tribute to the magician who was the main reason behind the smiles on the faces of children and families.

In his final post, Tony Junior said he was at a ‘critical stage’ with a ‘very low level of oxygen in his blood. He wrote, “Everyone who is apprehensive has their story. I’m not preaching, just letting you know of my experiences.

‘It’s a game of Russian Roulette. You take the vaccine or take your chances with Covid.

‘On the critical care ward, none of us had the jab. I hadn’t had it because Mrs. J was super apprehensive, so was waiting for her to be ready. She now beats herself up every night since I came to the hospital despite my reassurances.

‘On the Covid ward, many are senior citizens who have had two jabs and all those who have returned home since my arrival – had both jabs.’

Once the news of his death became official, tributes have started to pour in for their beloved magician.

Survived by his wife Claire, a fundraiser has been set up in his memory for Bryson Animal Shelter.

As I conclude this post, we at wish for his soul to rest in peace.

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