Tomball Mother Accused of Daughter Murder Deemed Incompetent For Trial

After confessing to the death of her 5-year-old daughter, a lady in Tomball, Texas has been charged with capital m*rder, according to authorities. According to court documents, the suspect, Melissa Towne, said in court on Monday that she had told officers she wanted to ki!! her daughter because she was an “evil child” and that she was someone she didn’t want to deal with any longer.

According to investigators, Towne reportedly stabbed her kid in a park and then took her to the hospital. She allegedly requested a wheelchair from a nurse while just mentioning that her baby was “hurt.” According to investigators, the nurse discovered the 5-year-old inside a mesh laundry bag covered by a blanket as she approached Towne’s car.

According to authorities, the nurse noticed bruising around the girl’s mouth, eyes, and neck in addition to a cut on her throat. At the hospital, her death was confirmed.

Tomball Mom Accused of Daughter Murder

A GoFundMe has been created by the child’s aunt to cover her funeral expenses. “Nichole was too good for this earth,” the GoFundMe reads. “She was too special.” The child’s father was identified as James Bradshaw, Jr.

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According to CBS Houston station KHOU, Towne did not have custody of her daughter. Police testified in court that Towne acknowledged taking her daughter to the park, going into the woods, and slitting the child’s throat while they were there. Authorities claim she stated that her daughter started to scream and struggle while shouting, “I’ve been good.” According to investigators, she admitted to strangling her kid for 30 to 45 minutes while telling her to “stop fighting it.”

When they arrested Towne, police claimed they found a weapon on her. They claimed Towne admitted to responding officers that she “made a conscious decision” and “needed to end the child’s life.” Towne was given a $15 million bond after she forfeited her right to go before a judge on Monday morning.

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