Tijuana and Baja California are under a U.S. State Department travel advisory.

Concerns about kidnappings and violence in Tijuana and Baja California have prompted the U.S. Department of State to issue a travel advisory for American citizens.

“Travelers should avoid rural locations and stay on major roadways, according to an advisory published on March 16… Homicides in Tijuana’s non-tourist districts are particularly concerning because of the large number of victims.




According to the alert, kidnappings have occurred involving nationals of the United States.

Officials in Tijuana, despite the news, we’re confident that the warning will not deter tourists.

A Tijuana Chamber of Commerce official says the warning is mostly aimed at locations where tourists aren’t likely to go anyway, so it won’t have an effect on tourism or the business sector. “I don’t think it will matter if people come to visit during the pandemic.”

Despite Macas Jiménez’s statement that some individuals would stay away, he expects a large number of visitors during the Spring Break.

If you go to a non-tourist area, you run the risk of being injured or killed because of a criminal fight, but that’s the only risk you face.

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