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Thunderclap Headache: Another Man Dies After First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine


Neil Astles, a 59-year-old lawyer died after suffering from bad headaches and nausea after receiving a first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

He received the first dose of the vaccine on March 15 but began suffering from a “thunderclap headache” 11 days later. He started vomiting on April 2 and died two days later of cerebral thrombosis.

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He was admitted to Warrington hospital on April 2 and transferred to the Royal Hospital on April 3 after being diagnosed with bleeding on the brain.

Staff at the Royal liaised with specialists at the Walton Centre about the possibility of performing surgery on Astles to relieve pressure which had built up in his skull.

Dr. Lawrence McCrossen, an intensive care consultant, told the court how the patient’s condition deteriorated rapidly. A CT scan revealed that a bleed at the back of the brain had “worsened.”

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The surgery was not carried out because his condition had deteriorated too much.

The patient was declared dead on April 4 at 5.22pm.

Dr Gary Peters, from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), said data up to October 27 showed there had been 424 cases similar to Mr Astles’ associated with the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, of which 72 had been fatal.

He said approximately 24 million first doses had been administered.

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Dr. Peters said for those aged 50-59 the chance of developing the rare side-effect was around one in 100,000, but there was an 80% reduction in the chance of hospital admission and death due to Covid-19 after the vaccine.

“The adverse reaction suffered by Neil Astles remains extremely rare, and on the evidence available the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine outweigh the risks for the majority of people,” the judge said during the inquest into his death at Bootle Town Hall on November 9. 

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His cause of death was recorded as intracerebral hemorrhage, central venous sinus thrombosis and the Covid-19 vaccine (AstraZeneca).

However, Mr. Astles brother, Peter, said: “I think everybody in this country should have the vaccine. I had the vaccine even after Neil died.”

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  1. eric griffin says

    if the brother took the vaccine after he died then in my opinion hes acting in a way that doesnt advocate well as a reason to get the vaccine as well.if your blood brother had this rare reaction happen to himthen your bloodline may be at great risk of it happening to you.and therefore people (i know i do)immediately lable him (parden my real thoughts but this is the sentence i said outloud with the a group of colleages i was having lunch with) what a dumbass.!!and so most people dont choose to do any actions that mimic what a dumbass does.if i was his physition,without any medical background knowledge or data or tests ran.

  2. Lori Sidbury says

    The CEO of Pfizer is absolutely right. I couldn’t wait to get vaccinated. I got the Pfizer vaccine and a booster. I am so glad that came out with a vaccine and I can testify that I had no repercussions from it.

    1. Lumina says

      I feel the ones that have got the vaccine need to wake up. My niece got the vaccine and she is in the hospital for the same reason the vaccine. You may not get any symptoms now but wait until later. You blind people.

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