Three Women have Filed a Lawsuit Against Loyola

At the end of September 2021, Marissa Sepulveda was sobbing and shaking as she sat at the rear of Loyola University Chicago‘s admissions office, where she worked to enrol new students.

Assaulted in Night

She described the night she said she was assaulted in a report to the university during her sophomore year in 2019.

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On the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola, she was residing in a dorm (LSC). Sepulveda said that she invited five teammates from a club sports team—including one with whom she had just begun a casual relationship—over for a party on a Saturday night.

Sepulveda said that as the evening went on, she drank more and more, slipping in and out of consciousness.

Lost Her Memory

She said that most of what happened the previous evening was lost to her memory the next morning.

Sepulveda told The Phoenix, “I don’t really remember a lot of that night, but basically, I do remember what occurred, which was that I was raped by that person.”

After waiting three years, Sepulveda, Madeline Kane, and Catherine Ann Cappello recently sued Loyola for allegedly mishandling their sexual assault cases.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs were either compelled to drop out of school or attend their courses in unpleasant settings.

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The complaint also said that Loyola students often get hurt because the administration can’t keep them safe and because sexual assaults happen a lot on campus.

Along with Darren Wolf and Beth Fegan of Fegan Scott LLC, Ashley Pileika, an attorney from the Law Office of Darren Wolf, is defending the three ladies.

Pileika said that their legal team is requesting both monetary compensation and “real reform.”

According to Pileika, the institution has not yet replied to the case.

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