Thousands of Facebook Accounts Are Getting Hacked. Here’s Why?

It has come to the attention of several Facebook users that their accounts have been hacked after strange messages were sent from their profiles to their friends.

Messages with unverified links are reported as a result of the hack.

Several friends of different victims received spam-like messages.

The link may contain malware or other viruses, but it is fairly unclear what will happen if someone clicks on it, The Sun reported.

“Well looks like my Facebook got hacked,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Everyone in my messenger got a message from me saying ‘I saw you in a video.’”

“Don’t open it, you’ll get hacked. Just thought I’d warn people.”

A user also posted this warning: “Do not reply to any messages on messenger or any Facebook posts.”

Although it is unknown who is behind the attack, people can take some steps to protect their profiles.

You should first secure your passwords by making sure they don’t contain personal information and aren’t easy to guess.

You should also enable two-factor authentication so you can receive alerts if anyone attempts to log in to your account suspiciously.

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You should also avoid logging into your Facebook account on devices that you do not usually use.

Be careful when clicking on suspicious links and answering phone calls from unknown numbers as a way to protect your devices.

Do not provide personal information to someone you do not know. Your identity could be stolen by doing the opposite.

Facebook was contacted by The Sun for comment but no response had been received by the time of publication.

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