This Week, Emergency Funds Will Be Distributed to SNAP-Eligible Households

Governor Ned Lamont announced this week that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients would receive emergency funds from Connecticut’s Department of Social Services

According to a news release issued by the governor, on Wednesday more than 213,200 households will receive emergency food assistance worth $32.5 million.

As part of a public health emergency related to COVID-19, the state is disbursing the monthly allocations to its qualified residents.

As the largest federal nutrition assistance program, SNAP provides food and nutrition benefits to Americans. Individuals and families who qualify for SNAP can use the benefits to purchase eligible food at authorized retailers.

Family First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 had authorized an additional $95 in extra food aid for individuals affected by the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state has distributed emergency food aid totaling $539.3 million.

Electronic Benefit Transfer cards will be credited with the funds on Wednesday, and households receiving the maximum monthly benefit will receive an additional $95 a month.

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The release reports that households who are not eligible for the maximum will get at least $95 and average $154.

Emergency funds will be made available on Friday for households that are in the process of signing up, according to the press release.

On Jan. 22, President Biden had issued an executive order authorizing the emergency funds.

During the pandemic, this order mandated that the United States Department of Agriculture allocate more money for emergency benefits.

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