These are the 5 Republican senators who will not seek reelection for their seat

Senator Richard Burr (North Carolina). Burr, a three-term senator, was the first of the five to announce that he would not seek reelection: he said it in 2016 indicating that it would be his last election to his seat.Burr was one of seven Republicans to vote Trump’s guilty in impeachment in 2021. That cost him the Republican Party in his state to vote to censor him. The 65-year-old senator called the move a “truly sad day” for Republicans in his state.

“My party leadership has chosen allegiance to one man (Trump) over the fundamental principles of the Republican Party and the founders of our great nation,” he said at the time.

Burr’s seat belongs to a state where Trump narrowly won in 2020, just over 65,000 votes, and where Democrats aspire to grow their constituency. But it has also fueled speculation that Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is running to run for this seat.

Lara Trump is the wife of Eric Trump, she is a former TV producer who grew up in North Carolina. She has no public service experience, but has portrayed herself as a vociferous advocate for her father-in-law during the campaign and during his presidency.

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