There Are New Stimulus Checks on the Way, Find Out if You Qualify?

Geographical location, of course, determines when and to whom new stimulus payments are given. To be clear, what we are talking about here are stimulus payments from the states, not federal relief checks. This latter category includes payments to Americans across the nation. Additionally, more of these types of payments will go out just two weeks from now.

Let’s take a look at some of the local stimulus efforts taking place across the nation. In spite of the fact that the fate of the federal government’s monthly stimulus payments in 2022 still looks uncertain, these efforts will become all the more urgent.

From back-to-work incentives to bonuses for teachers, stimulus-related payments cover a broad range of topics. By the way, this roundup does not cover every stimulus check or related benefit available in each state and city. There are simply too many to include in one post. Nonetheless, let’s get started with what we stated earlier.

States in U.S. Providing New Stimulus Payments

Students at Ohio State University will receive another $46 million in federal financial aid this fall. More than 87 million dollars have been distributed to Ohio State students since the pandemic began. Thousands of them received emergency grants as a result of this aid.

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Meanwhile, California has issued several hundred dollars in stimulus checks to lower and middle-income residents across the state. BGR states that, in states such as Arizona and Connecticut, 1,000 checks were distributed to residents reentering the labor force. Connecticut only pays out checks to jobless workers who have been unemployed for eight weeks. Unlike Arizona, where workers who take on a part-time job will receive a $1,000 check (full-time employment would receive a $2,000 check).

Over 3,000 households in New Mexico will receive emergency financial aid of $452 in one-time payments.

As stated by the state, “The one-time payment is for low-income state residents who did not receive the federal pandemic stimulus payments. An initial round of payments was issued earlier this year in July 2021.”

The following was recently announced by state officials in Oklahoma. College students who qualify for federal relief funds would receive almost $13 million. This money would specifically go to student teachers.

There was also a $1,000 bonus for teachers and administrators in Florida earlier this year. Governor Ron DeSantis also proposed another round of bonuses in recent weeks.

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