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Americans To Be Thankful For Biden’s ‘Tremendous’ Accomplishments: Tammy Bruce

The White House is urging Americans to give thanks for Joe Biden’s impressive accomplishments as Thanksgiving approaches in a few hours. That’s accurate. They released a list of all the things for which We the People should express gratitude today.

Gas costs, which have approximately doubled under Biden, record levels of unfunded spending that contributed to inflation, and the prospect of even higher taxes on everyone—with the exception, of course, of those earning more than $400,000 annually—all contribute to the rising cost of living. According to the Biden administration, there is one more item for which we should be grateful.

They are now urging institutional investors to put the environment before money. Last but not least, a new Labor Department regulation permits investors in charge of your 401(k)s or pension funds to sacrifice that annoying profit in order to take “the economic repercussions of climate change” into account.

That is to say, they can now lose their retirement assets to unproven green technologies or other woke causes without any repercussions, not that it has ever happened. Further awful news regarding Ukraine has emerged from overseas. The conflict is still raging and most likely will never end. The administration’s prized nuclear agreement with Iran has collapsed as a result of Iran’s supreme commander now openly calling Biden insane.

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