The Texas Governor Celebrates as Restoration of the Mask Ban Mandates in Public Schools Materializes

Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order that bans the use of masks in schools in order to protect against the CONVID-19 virus has been partially restored by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Schools and businesses in Texas are no longer required to wear masks following the restoration of the ban.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had issued an Executive Order (GA-34) in March 2021 lifting the mask mandate in Texas and enabling all businesses and facilities in Texas to operate at full capacity.

By signing this executive order, the Governor rescinds most of his previous signatures concerning COVID-19, which became effective on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Later in November, a federal judge ruled against that the executive order signed by Gov. Greg Abbott was not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

After the mask mandate was ruled back to action this week, Gov. Abbott happily posted on Twitter on Wednesday evening saying,

“GREAT NEWS: My Executive Order banning mask mandates by gov’t entities is LAW. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Texas’ motion to stay a lower judge’s ruling. Thanks, @KenPaxtonTX.”

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The Texas Tribune reported that a three-judge panel did not find evidence of “concrete or actual or imminent injury” caused by the ban as such its reinstatement followed.

Disability Rights Texas had filed the original lawsuit against Abbott’s order in August.

The group argued, as the basis of its lawsuit, that disabled children can’t access public education because of the ban.

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