The “Rattiest” Cities In America Include Two Californian Cities

Contrary to popular belief, New York City does not have the most rats in the country. Orkin collects data each year. Based on the number of “rodent treatments” performed in each city, and Chicago came out on top this year. A few California cities are among the top ten.

According to Orkin’s annual list, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among America’s “rattiest” cities. Los Angeles came in third, down one spot from last year’s list, while San Francisco remained in fifth place.

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. are among the cities represented in the top ten.

Orkin had the following about compiling data to determine 50 of the most squalor cities in the United States.

“Orkin releases the list today, and the Midwest city takes the top spot for the eighth consecutive year.

New York edged out Los Angeles for the #2 spot this year, with Hartford, CT taking the #19 spot and Miami rising three to secure the #20 spot. Orkin ranked the metro region’s treatments based on the number of new rodents administered between September 1, 2021, and August 31, 2022. Both residential and commercial treatments are includes in this ranking.”

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