The Paragliding Accident At Salt Lake County Flight Park!

After colliding with a hang glider in the air near Draper on Tuesday, a man perished in a paragliding accident.

According to Draper Police, they were informed about a mid-air accident involving a tandem paraglider and a single-person hang glider at 5 o’clock. The Salt Lake County Flight Park, which is close to Point of the Mountain, is where the accident took place.

About 1/8 of a mile south of the launch pad, the three implicated people were discovered on the ground.

While hang gliders have a hard metal frame that forms a fixed-wing-like structure with fabric spread over it, paragliding includes employing a parachute-like device with no structure.

The hang-gliding passenger received treatment on the spot and was then let go.

An AirMed chopper flew the paraglider’s passenger to the hospital. Despite being in severe condition, according to officials, she was at least awake during the travel.

The paraglider pilot passed away at the scene from his wounds. Joshua Ellison, age 44, was the man in question.

To find out what occurred, an investigation is being conducted. They claim that so far, witnesses have made it appear as though it was an accident, but the precise cause of the problem is yet unknown.

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Ellison, according to a Draper Police official, is a very skilled paragliding instructor. The level of expertise of the hang glider pilot is unknown at this time.

The spokesperson added that this kind of disaster is unexpected and essentially unheard of. He claimed that accidents involving injuries or, on occasion, fatalities take place after heavy landings.

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