The Oldest Gorilla in the Los Angeles Zoo- Evelyn, Dies at the Age of 46

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Zoo reported that Evelyn, the oldest gorilla in the institution’s history, had passed away at 46.

The zoo announced on Twitter that they had to euthanize their western lowland gorilla because “she had been having health concerns leading to a reduction in her quality of life over the last couple of weeks.”

The zoo expressed its sadness at the loss in a Facebook post

Tania Prebble, the zoo’s animal keeper, expressed the staff’s grief over the death of Evelyn in a tweet. She brought so much love and happiness to so many people that cannot be put into words. The average wild lifespan of a western lowland gorilla is between 30 and 40 years, according to the zoo.

In 1976, Evelyn gave birth to her cub at the zoo. The zoo claimed she had a “redheaded, independent, and fascinating attitude.” “It has been a privilege to work with her over the past 15 years, and I will always treasure our one-on-one time together. Her gorilla family, human family, and devoted Zoo family will never forget her.” Prebble added.


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