The Ohio Cops Use COVID-19 Funds to Upgrade Their Number of Cameras and Plate Readers

The Ohio State Highway Patrol uses COVID-19 funds to upgrade its surveillance equipment, specifically its number plate readers and body cameras. Ohio law enforcement agencies use federal COVID funding for sophisticated video monitoring equipment. They think it’s an intelligent approach to make more out of less.

Authorities in Akron, Ohio, have recovered 28 stolen vehicles thanks to the citywide installation of cameras. Akron Deputy Chief Michael Caprez has stated that the department wants “more eyes” to monitor the community better and prevent crime.

Enforcing rules, controls, and restrictions on the adoption of these technologies is very essential

According to Gary Daniels, an ACLU of Ohio lobbyist, “the major difficulty with the adoption at the municipal level of these technologies is there are no restrictions, no controls, and no rules about their usage.”

As one critic put it, “it’s incredibly irresponsible for towns and counties to adopt this technology left and right and say we’re going to leave the use exclusively to the police department, the county sheriffs, or whomever.”


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