The Most Notorious Serial Killers in Northeast Ohio

Documentaries detailing true horror stories have been a popular trend recently, and people seem to be watching them in large numbers. But it doesn’t take much digging to uncover murders that look too horrible to be accurate. Many serial killers have been based out of northeast Ohio.

Torso Murders

The FBI defines serial murder as “the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender in different occurrences.” There was widespread destruction in 1930s Cleveland due to the Torso Murders. Supposedly, the first victim was discovered in September 1934, and the last was found in August 1938.

Famous author Badal stated, “The only reason they were identified was due to the existence of police records.” Badal is convinced that Victim 11 did not exist. Headless bodies were the killer’s calling card. Author James Badal claims 12 people were killed, six men and six women.

Only two of the 12 confirmed fatalities, Edward Andrassy and Florence Polillo, have been positively identified. “She was an embalmed corpse. Assuming the killer had access to it and strategically scattered the fragments to throw off the police, “Says Badal. Not a single person was ever taken into custody.

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