The Largo Double Homicide Suspect Was Found to Have Killed His Father and Uncle

A heartbreaking revelation emerged from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigation, which revealed the horrific circumstances of a double homicide in Largo.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigated on Sunday and found that the man who was taken into custody for his involvement in a double homicide in Largo shot and killed his father at the father’s home.

Concerned family members raised alarms when James McKinley Barber, Sr., 61, and his brother, Wesley Barber, 62, failed to show up for a family vacation.

Deputies called to their Smoketree Court home discovered a horrific sight, with both males dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Family Vacation Plans Disrupted Due to Difficult Situations

As detectives assembled the timeline, a troubling story emerged. Wesley Barber, a visitor from Kentucky, had spent time with his brother and nephew, 28-year-old James McKinley Barber, Jr., prior to their family trip.

The Largo Double Homicide Suspect Was Found to Have Killed His Father and Uncle

However, when attempts to contact both Barber, Sr. and Wesley Barber were unsuccessful, worry spread among loved ones.

Their anxieties were heightened when they discovered Barber, Sr.’s vehicle with the trunk open, as well as concerns about Barber, Jr.’s mental health and the presence of a pistol in the home.

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Arrest and Pending Investigation

The inquiry took an unsettling turn when surveillance footage captured the horrible moment of the murders. Several gunshots rang around the house, followed by the terrible sound of Barber, Jr.’s voice.

He fled the scene before law enforcement arrived but was quickly captured by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. He is now charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

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As Barber, Jr. awaits transfer back to Pinellas County, the community is dealing with the shock and grief of such a tragic loss.

The investigation is still underway as investigators strive relentlessly to determine the motivations behind this horrific act of violence.

With unresolved questions and hearts laden with grief, the community comes together to support the victims’ families. While justice can be sought in the law, the wounds caused by this family tragedy will take time to heal.

As the inquiry continues, there is a communal hope for resolution and peace despite the gloom that has descended on Largo.

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