The Largest Volcano in the World, Which is in Hawaii, Erupts After Four Decades- Videos are Surfacing Online

In Hawaii, the most active volcano, Mauna Loa, erupts for the first time in nearly 40 years, blasting lava 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 meters) into the air. As a result, volcanic ash and debris have started falling. The US Geological Survey reports that the Big Island volcano’s eruption started late on Sunday night in the volcano’s summit caldera.

Despite widespread concern about repercussions, several have turned to Twitter to publish photos and videos depicting the situation. This is just one of many notable films of strange natural phenomena that can be found on the Internet.

We have not yet issued any evacuation instructions

No cities or homes are in harm’s way from the lava at this time, and no evacuations are being ordered. It could take a week or more for the molten rock to reach neighborhoods as lava travels downward.

In addition to other volcanic gases, Mauna Loa releases sulfur dioxide. Volcanic smog, also known as vog, is created when these gases react with water vapor, oxygen, and dust in the presence of sunlight. Consequently, state health officials are urging the public to cut out on outdoor exercise and other activities that result in heavy breathing.

Daily carbon dioxide emissions from Mauna Loa averaged roughly 15,000 tonnes during the eruption in 1984. That’s equivalent to the annual emissions of 2,400 SUVs. As of its last eruption in 1984, Mauna Loa had not erupted. There have been continuous eruptions from Kilauea, the neighboring volcano that is smaller but more active, since September 2021.

source: economictimes

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