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The IRS Is Sending $1,400 Surprise Stimulus Checks Before Christmas: How to Join?


Surprise boosts in stimulus payments are being sent out before January, sending $1,400 cheques to individuals whose financial status changed between 2019 and 2020.

The extra payment is open to the following people:

  1. Some individuals with lower earnings in 2020 than in 2019.
  2. People who were too old, disabled, or had a newborn dependent on their taxes in 2020.

The IRS’s Get My Payment feature may be used to check the status of your payments, also known as “plus-up” payments, with the IRS. nIf you’re qualified for the payment, all you had to do was submit a tax return for 2020.

American Rescue Plan Gives IRS Until Dec. 31 to Send Out Stimulus Checks

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the IRS has until Dec. 31 to deliver stimulus payments to taxpayers. Already, over 500,000 additional stimulus payments have been dispatched through direct deposit. But, according to The Sun, the bulk of the cash will be sent out in cheque form via mail.

The stimulus payment ceiling for single filers is $80,000 or more. However, according to Forbes, the stimulus payments are lower for adjusted gross incomes of over $75,000.

For married couples, the income limit is $160,000. The stimulus payments get smaller for those with adjusted gross incomes above $150,000. And for heads of households, the AGI cap is $120,000. As a result, payments are reduced to $112,500.

They’ll also get a bonus payment for each new dependent claimed on their 2020 tax return, provided their household income does not exceed the thresholds listed above.

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IRS Is Reportedly Working Through a Backlog

According to US News, in light of adjustments to their financial situations between 2019 and 2020, many people became eligible for the plus-up payments. Cassandra Kirby of Braun-Bostich & Associates in Pittsburgh offered the following example situation.

“Let’s assume a married couple with one child had adjusted gross income of $165,000 in 2019, and because their income was more than $160,000, they were not eligible for any of the third payment. However, in 2020, they have another kid, and your adjusted gross income decreases from $165,000 to $155,000.

In this case, they would be eligible for $2,800 in stimulus payments. In addition, people who married in 2020 and filed their taxes together for the first time below the income limit stated above are other possible plus-up payment possibilities.

Like the post office, the IRS is experiencing delays, so don’t get too worked up if you haven’t received your stimulus payment yet. On the other hand, if you’re entitled to a plus-up compensation, be patient; it will eventually arrive.

  1. Sharon Gadomski says

    Does that include people on SSI and ssd

    1. Theresa Preston says

      Yes we need help to not just families with kids

  2. Trudie Hollingshead says

    I do not have an income to have to file taxes. Would i be eligible?

  3. KENNETH Moore says

    Iam disable with no kids, will I receive a check

  4. Sandra Strange says

    What about the disabled and retired people who are struggling to survive on less than $800 a month we don’t get to okay thank you

  5. Vicki Meyers says

    I believe some do need another stimulus check , and the government needs to raise the SSDI money, due to the fact that the government has gotten almost every business like McDonalds paying $15 an hour. That’s not right to those of us that have to live on less than $900 a month.

  6. Beverly Williams says

    I am a widow, my late husband was in the Army, do i qualified for the stimulus check??

  7. Robert Brady says

    I’ve got 1 stimulus check. Why, I’m 66 year’s old. I try to live on my check but prices are to high. It’s the 9th and I got 4 dollar’s to live on for the month.

  8. Robert Brady says

    I did.

  9. Patricia Williams says

    I am a grandmother and I adopted 3 granddaughters and I haven’t received a check on them at all I received a stimulus check on myself but not the dependents will I get one that is coming before Christmas

  10. Heidi Sellens says

    How do I know if I’m getting a stimulus check

  11. Jennifer Golliher says

    I myself never received not 1 of the stimulus checks that was sent out. I don’t think it’s fair

  12. Dan Richards says

    As a disabled USAF Veteran with CPTSD, on Social Security Disability, I hope we qualify for the $1400 stimulus check, each. My wife, also disabled and Cancer survivor, is a disabled Navy Veteran on Social Security Disability.

  13. Arthur George says

    Why are Elders who have been responsible their whole life & already raised children and already paid off their mortgage last year, be left out of Stimulus money? I have always said, if you have been one of those Elders then you will be punished for being responsible!! 👍I am 71 years old with many health issues also, please enjoy, thanks for letting me vent

  14. Debbi Sanfilippo says

    I get a whole 9.700 something a year . Whoopi do! That isn’t enough money do anything with. Unfortunately I can’t work I’m on ssi. So I see we won’t be getting anything more . Nice job ! GO BRANDON!!!

  15. Judy Zwyghuizen says

    Well that Includes me I am LISand No other Income But my SSDI

  16. Kimberly says

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! They haven’t even processed my tax refund for 2020 yet and they are busy sending out more free money! How about finish the 2020 taxes first and get the money back to those of us who earned it first!

  17. Karlene Vanfleet says

    Do I still have to file if I normally don’t have to file . Me and husband both collect SSI or SSD as does our special needs son.

  18. Patty Taylor says

    Every day there is News about the stimulus checks going out and still no stimulus! I’ve already lost my car because I couldn’t make the payments anymore.
    How much more are the citizens that have worked all their life paying in to Social Security going to pay higher prices for food and gas????
    It’s hard enough to live on these wages!

  19. William m latoski says

    Now what happens to the money cause I was married and she passed in 2021 and our taxes went in her account and her aunt closed my wife’s account out.

  20. Linda Figueroa Sánchez says

    I haven’t recieve nothing and I send all documents

  21. Tammy strausbaugh says

    I’m trying to find out if I’m eligible because I have moved to 11:08 twelve point Lane Sevierville Tennessee 37876

  22. Caryann Lovely says

    I would like to know why people on ssdi or ssi don’t qualify for any of the stimulus checks? States and government are giving plenty to people with children or ones who file taxes but those of us on a fixed income are left in the cold. I get $989 a month in ssdi and $531 of that goes to rent. Gas, groceries and bills are going up but we can’t get help. When I’m done paying bills I am lucky if I have $140 to go the month and thats not counting gas and groceries. How about helping us out too.

  23. Tammy Stringfield says

    I’m so Glade I’m getting another stimulus check thank you Jesus. And president Biden.

  24. Ermila Miranda says

    I had a baby on may 4 the of this year, but I don’t have the social Security number yet, will she qualify for a stimulous check???

  25. Michael Pollard says

    I wonder if I will get the stimulus cuz I do need it for Christmas I have one son and a step daughter that I might be able get them any thing for Christmas I would like it if I will get for them

    1. Michael Pollard says

      Cartersville Georgia 30120

  26. Karen Beech says

    I really don’t understand how this all works, but I’m a nana rising 4teenage high school grandchildren, things are real tight 2 ND. Christmas no $, do I get it, but I have permanent custody 3 for the last 4 years, 1 since birth, why did the non pay child support to mom, and not grandparents!!
    Also my $$$ was put in a account I cannot access!! And not on the account, and I never said or signed it

  27. Peggy Swank says

    What about people who are living on disability like me? I live on less than 25,000.00 A year on disability. It’s folks like me that could be helped tremendously by getting a check for $1,400.00. what are you doing for people like me & people in same situation?

  28. A.Robinson says

    What about people on social security. We still have bills just like anyone else.

  29. Carrie Beth Johnson says

    What if you became seperated and about to file divorce and didn’t file taxes

  30. Shelia Brymer says

    I receive SSI, I didn’t file taxes and my daughter came to live with me 6 months ago.
    She is 18 still in school?
    Do I qualify?

  31. Christine Wallace says

    Can we please get a stimulus check soon

  32. Kathleen Parsons says

    What about the disabled with a dependent and only makes $1200, so doesnt file taxes. Where’s our checks

  33. Joy Totten says

    I’m I eligible for the stimulus too I did a tax return and I received two I’m waiting on my last I’m waiting on the 3rd … Haven’t gotten it yet does that mean I qualify for the 4th thank you

  34. Edward wells says

    What about us low income senior citizens who rely on social security in order to survive? Those of us that can’t even afford to drive our car or eat more than one meal a day because inflation has drained our savings and left us in debt. It seems everybody else gets stimulus checks except us.

  35. Racheal STINSON says

    Checking to see if I’m can a stimulus check I’m 69 and disable

  36. Racheal STINSON says

    Just checking to see if I would be able to get a check I’m 69 and disable

  37. Emma Zapata says

    What is wrong with our government .do they not care about the elderly. I mean we have to est an pay Bill’s just like everybody else. Why do they think we don’t need a stimulus check .are we already dead to them .all they offer is life insurance. We need money as well. It’s sad the way they’re doing us.

  38. Shannon says

    If your a non filer can you get the stimulus or if you have had a baby recently can you get a stimulus?

  39. irish tennyson says

    America need help we are dying everday.help us so we can live only if you care.this world full or resouce no one should be homeless yes we need stimuls.

  40. Susan enos says

    We recently moved from wv to md in August of 2021. I cannot get a hold of anyone to change my address with irs. How do I get my stimulus. When they won’t respond to online questions

  41. Johnny Franks says

    Do we have to apply for this if we make it lower than 75,000 or does the IRS already know that SSI does not go very far $710 a month does not add up to much of nothing I wish they would try living on that even being a single dad it’s very very hard

  42. Joshua Godsey says

    I didn’t get to work any or file for 2020 but I did get the first 3 will I gy to the fourth..it’s a shame all these companies day we need people who will work well im a damn good worker and honest but I made a mistake years back and I payed for what I did but just because it’s in black and white no one will hire me it’s a loss for them I promise

  43. Cindy says

    What about it!!! Soc. Sec. Is just not enough. What about us old folks !!

  44. B G Austin says

    A LOT of questions but no answers….sad

  45. Erica Allen says

    My daughter was born in April on the 05th 2020 so does this mean I am eligible to get this plus up check

  46. Debra Smith Ligons says

    I am a widowed…disabled woman who lives alone…I am barely making it… will I get a check… I am behind on my bills…please help me…

  47. John Pritt says

    Must be nice for pple getting all these child tax credits, i still haven’t seen not 1 stimulus check or child tax credit check for my daughter at all none she hadn’t seen not 1 check yet and shes wondering why only her is not getting ne of her checks shes eligible for!!!!!!!!

  48. Esther Mendez says

    I’m current cleaning house once a week. Due to slip and fell. Do I qualify for stimulation check. I’m 64 yrs old.

  49. Linda McClellan says

    I haven’t receive my 3rd stimulus I am disabled I suppose to get it on my direct express card

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