The Insane ‘Dark Knight’ Joker Costume-Diddy Might Have Won Halloween

Many internet users believe that Sean “Diddy” Combs won Halloween this year by convincingly portraying Batman’s archenemy, The Joker. The 52-year-old music mogul started his holiday weekend by sharing a video to Instagram of himself in a makeup chair, telling people to “be good, be kind, drink responsibly,” and have fun.

Video clips of him costumed as Heath Ledger’s Joker from 2008’s The Dark Knight appeared suddenly on his YouTube channel. The films showed Diddy carrying a plastic machine pistol and giggling hysterically as a grenade from his pocket exploded. Additionally, he had a group of others with him, all wearing creepy clown masks to set the mood.

Diddy attended several Halloween events in Los Angeles while dressed as Hedger’s character, with a purple outfit and a green wig. Not long after releasing his first video, he shared a second one on Twitter in which he meets the artist Tyler, the Creator.

In a tweet, he wrote, “Heavenly celebrations await us tonight! Hahahaha.” In the clip, Diddy chortles hysterically while Tyler, the Creator, dangles off the back of a moving vehicle. Diddy requested that Tyler, the Creator, “get out of the automobile” after the latter said, “This is top-notch.”

“Never broke character”- caption for Kim Kardashian’s selfie with Diddy

Diddy made a cameo appearance on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, laughing at her while she was in character as Mystique from the X-Men and inviting her to come to play. She also posted a selfie with Diddy and captioned it, “never broke character.”

At night, Diddy almost got into a fight with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson, who may not have recognized him under his costume. Diddy and Ferguson can be seen taunting each other in a video that has gone viral. Diddy laughed like the Joker and exclaimed, “You’re a clown!” before abandoning the performance.

Eventually, Diddy admitted who he was, and the two hugged it out. Come to the after party and adjust your energy,” Ferguson was encouraged to coax him back into character. Diddy is no stranger to elaborate Halloween costumes, having portrayed the scary Pennywise from It in 2018 and paying tribute to Prince in 2012.

The rapper’s commitment to detail and ability to maintain a persona astonished many. Former Green Bay Packers player Will Blackmon said on Twitter, “You can’t tell me @Diddy didn’t just earn a legit try out to be the next Joker.” For the duration of the evening, Bruh was immersed in his role.

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