The Grandson of Brian Pillman Contributed to Stopping a High School Mass Shooting!

The late great Brian Pillman’s grandson Boom Swallen intervened to stop a planned attack on students at Mariemont High School, which is located close to Cincinnati, Ohio. According to a report on the incident published by FOX 19, Swallen, a 14-year-old, informed his father about the attack, which prompted the father to notify the police.

Melissa Powers, the Hamilton County Prosecutor, stated that if Swallen had not come forward with the information he obtained after overhearing a classmate discussing carrying out a mass shooting, there would have been a catastrophe with many lives lost. The second student had a thorough plan that included a hit list of targets he intended to shoot at.

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Swallen’s coming out will be acknowledged by the Uvalde Foundation for Kids. Pillman Jr., better known as Lexis King of WWE NXT, responded to the news on Twitter/X with the following post:

“Good Morning America” on ABC also reported on the story.

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