The Dallas Firefighter’s Museum Hosts an Event to Raise Money for Improvements

Years of memories may be found at the Dallas Firemen’s Museum, which also has vintage fire trucks that are on exhibit and pictures of firefighters putting out fires.

For those who have put out flames, like Jeff Francis of Dallas Fire-Rescue, the work is a calling.

Between 1970 and 1995?

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“I was given this task by God. Only when I’m helping people and working hard do I feel joyful. “This applies to them both,” Francis said.

The museum has a lot of history, but they want to improve it. Therefore, they are seeking money.

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The Dallas Fire Museum’s Sherrie Wilson said, “We want it to be a renowned fire museum around the country that people want to come and visit.”

Wilson became the first female firefighter/paramedic with Dallas Fire-Rescue in 1977.

“I spent 35 years doing that. I adored it, “she said.

She Employed with the Museum

They’re holding a festival at Community Beer Company for the whole of this weekend. 
We’re commemorating the fire department’s 150th anniversary, our museum’s 50th anniversary, and EMS’s 50th anniversary, Wilson said.

There are activities in which firefighters compete, but there are also others; the revenues benefit the museum.

After suffering water damage from floods in August, they want to rebuild in addition to adding to their collection. They think a change is necessary.

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The non-profit relies on contributions to operate, and they just collected $2 million, according to them.

We’re hoping to raise $10 million as part of a significant capital drive, “Wilson added.

It’s a lofty objective, but firefighters who have so many tales to share believe it may serve as a location where future generations can learn about history and fire safety.

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