The Cherokee National Forest’s Mama Bear’s Reaction to a Cub Left in Her Den has gone viral after it was captured on video.

In the Cherokee National Forest, a terrible story about an orphaned bear has finally come to a beautiful conclusion that is sure to warm your heart.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) was called to a location in Cocke County earlier this week after an automobile struck a sow and killed her. When a bystander heard the baby screaming, she realized that the bear was in fact the mother of a cub.


As a result, she reached out to Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR). Unfortunately, the mother bear passed away, but when ABR contacted TWRA, they discovered that they had the ideal location for the orphaned cub.

A mama bear and her cubs were photographed snoozing in their burrow in Cherokee National Forest last week, just before they emerged from hibernation, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

According to the organization, this sow had previously fostered cubs, making her an excellent option to care for the orphaned infant that they had discovered. Not to mention the fact that the young cub was almost the same size as the mother’s entire litter.

As a result, the TWRA entrusted the cub to the United States Forest Service, who transported the orphan to the entrance to the mother’s den in Cherokee National Forest, where he was adopted.

“The sow reached out with a paw and dragged the young cub to her,” the author reports.

ABR reported on Facebook that the cub is healthy and that he possesses the characteristics necessary to survive in his environment.

In a Facebook post, Appalachian Bear Rescue described the bear as “a male cub-of-the-year who is around seven weeks old and weighs 1.8 pounds.” “He appears to be in good health, with a robust voice and a razor-sharp claw!”

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