The Carnival removes an “awkward” publication pro-3rd link

Bonhomme obviously does not like being criticized by environmentalists. The Carnival team removed from social media a humorous post on the 3e link, deeming it afterwards “clumsy”.

The publication in question, posted on the Facebook page of the Carnival on Sunday, referred to the alleged dream that the emblematic character with the arrow sash cherishes for a third link, made of ice, between Quebec and Lévis.

An illustration of a false ice bridge, ending in Old Quebec at the foot of the Château Frontenac, accompanied the following message:

“Bonhomme likes to do things big! From the top of his 7 feet, he put his head in the clouds and decided to present his dream city to us! He therefore asked himself the question: what would I do if I won with Loto-Québec? His first project, a 3e link … ICE! And you, if you won the jackpot, how would you change your city? ”

Screenshot, Facebook

It should be noted that Loto-Québec is a major partner of the Carnival, which is surely not unrelated to this publication.

A bonhomme caquiste?

It did not take more to arouse indignation among certain environmentalists who are openly against the proposed third link between the two shores. The affair quickly took a political turn on Facebook.

“Since when is Bonhomme a Caquist?” blown a surfer under the publication of the organization Accès transports viable, which sharply criticized the publication of the Carnival and invited Bonhomme to hire a new resource to manage his social media.

“With climate change, your ice bridge would not last long […] The 3e lien is a partisan project that could swallow up billions of dollars and whose justification has not yet been demonstrated. In addition, this project risks disfiguring the city center ”of Quebec, we can read.

The leader of the municipal party Transition Quebec, Jackie Smith, did not spare the organization of the Carnival either, accusing him of being disconnected. “WTF Carnival of Quebec? With a 3e link and the increase in GHGs that comes with it, there will be no more ice in Quebec for your Carnival. Bonhomme will be a puddle! Tse, when your business model depends [de] winter … ”, she criticized.

Carnival takes no position

In order to nip this beginning of controversy in the bud, the Carnival deleted its publication, a decision welcomed by Accès transports viable. “Our publication was clumsy since it left room for several interpretations. We have therefore withdrawn it in order to avoid any ambiguity ”, indicated the Carnival communications manager, Mélissa Parent.

“By its surreal character, our publication was intended to be dreamlike and impartial. We simply allowed ourselves to dream of the limitless possibilities when winter took Quebec City by storm. There was never any question for the Carnival to take a stand, ”added Parent.

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