The Attorney General of New York, a Thorn in Trump’s Side, is Re-Elected

Letitia James, a Democrat, was re-elected as New York’s attorney general. It is the position she has utilised to go after former President Donald Trump and a number of other high-profile figures.

On Tuesday, James prevailed against Republican Michael Henry, a Queens lawyer backed by many police unions but up against one of the most prominent Democrats in the state.

Tweet From Spokeswoman, Candace Giove

James told his audience, “We sent a message, a shot across the bow, to the most powerful businesses and individuals who feel that they are above the law that they are not,” and that this Attorney General would hold them responsible.

To paraphrase, “We teach them that justice is not a theoretical notion to be sought but a reality to be implemented.”

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Henry did not react but reposted a tweet from his spokeswoman, Candace Giove. He stated, “The top law enforcement officer of New York really should wait until the ballots are tabulated before announcing victory.”

When James, then 64 years old, entered office in January 2019, she became the oldest person ever to do so.

State’s First Black Attorney General

Soon after taking office, she started looking into Trump’s business dealings and filed a lawsuit against the Republican in September, saying that he and his firm had deceived banks and others about the true worth of Trump’s holdings.

Also, James stood up to a well-known member of her own party when she led the investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment, which led to his resignation.

Her other opponents include the Roman Catholic Church, the New York Police Department, and the companies that make and sell opioid painkillers.

Henry, like many New York Republicans this year, has run on a platform of steadfast support for police enforcement and a commitment to calming public anxiety about safety. He supports fewer limits on firearms and on business.

According to Henry, James’ position “has been weaponized in service of political ambition.” He has accused her of trying to usurp his position as governor by attacking Trump and interfering with the investigation into Andrew Cuomo.

The First woman to be Elected

After Cuomo’s resignation last year, James did briefly run for governor, but he dropped out after approximately two months.

James filed many lawsuits against the Trump administration throughout Trump’s presidency, targeting environmental, immigration, educational, and healthcare policies. She also successfully challenged Trump in court over his intentions to add an immigration status question to the Census.

Trump has been vocal in his criticism of James’ efforts against him, claiming that she is motivated by “racism” and politics.

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James has previously referred to Trump as a “con man,” a “carnival barker,” and a “fear monger” before she was elected in 2018.

Following the release of the Supreme Court’s decision reversing Roe v. Wade, James swore to use her position to defend abortion rights in the state.

James, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and still resides there, shared another profoundly intimate story, revealing that she had an abortion around the turn of the century.

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