Thawing North Texas Pipes Burst. How to Prevent?

North Texans saw below-freezing temperatures Thursday night and Friday morning as an Arctic cold hit the US.

This cold may freeze and break water lines, requiring costly repairs. Fort Worth recommends calling a plumber for frozen pipes or no water.

Cracked pipes will explode when thawed. Call a plumber if a pipe bursts and turn off the water at the main valve.

The city authorities warn against heating pipes with electrical equipment since they might break and electrocute.

Thawing pipes burst after North Texas freeze. How can you prevent it? |

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Call 817-392-4477 or use MyFW to report a damaged water main.

Fort Worth offers these pipe-freezing tips:

  • Insulate outdoor pipes. Cover exterior faucets and disconnect hoses.
  • Open the water pipe cabinet doors for heat.
  • To avoid sidewalk and street ice in winter, turn off or disconnect your irrigation system.
  • Drain irrigation pipes to avoid freezing and bursting.
  • If a pipe breaks, know the main water shut-off valve.
  • In case of a main break or frozen pipe, stockpile water during cold weather.


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