Texas Woman Has Hands, Feet Amputated After Giving Birth

SOUTH TEXAS (KSAT) – A Texas mother who had just given birth to a baby girl was dangerously close to death in the days following the birth. Since the arrival of their daughter in late October, a Texas couple has experienced an indescribable range of feelings.

In October, Krystina Pacheco gave birth to her first daughter, a girl. However, only days later, she contracted an infection that nearly proved fatal. “Everything just went downhill from there. ‘Her organs started to fail,’ Jacob Pacheco said.

Pacheco says his wife died from a rare and deadly toxic syndrome. As medical professionals frantically tried to save Krystina and determine what was wrong, she was put on life support. Krystina’s limbs were amputated as a direct result of this.

“Her hands and feet were amputated because of her condition. Use of both hands. Each foot. “It was challenging,” Jacob Pacheco admitted. Krystina was able to overcome the illness with the help of her loved ones.

Before she started fading, I told her,” said Jacob Pacheco, the husband. I told him, “I need you for the kids, and he needs you for the kids,” Jacob Pacheco explained. Krystina will require prosthetics and months of rehabilitation after undergoing several medical procedures.

Since Krystina’s fight became public knowledge, people in the Pleasanton area have banded together to offer whatever assistance they can. According to Jacob Pacheco, “amazing support from my parents, her parents, my brother, my brother-in-law, his wife, and my sister-in-law.”

Krystina will remain in the care of the medical staff at Methodist Hospital for another three weeks. On January 14th, members of the Pleasanton community will be holding a barbecue sale and fundraiser at St. Andrews Church, with all proceeds benefiting the Pacheco family.

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