Texas Republicans: Gun violence is the Issue

mother, teacher, and gun owner. I support the Second Amendment and self-defense. I have small children and realise that possessing a firearm is a big deal.

November had 33 mass shootings. This winter, almost 40,000 gun violence victims have left empty chairs at family gatherings. Will more die before Christmas?

New Year Eve

The danger appears to grow each year. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, weapons kill more children in the US than in any other developed nation.

Texas Republicans have launched criminal commercials against Democrats for months. According to new Center for American Progress research, gun violence is driving violent crime.

A message for Texas Republicans: Gun violence is the problem

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Republicans who claim to be “tough on crime” have repeatedly voted against gun control proposals.

I and most responsible gun owners don’t support gun control opponents. I knew something was wrong when I applied for a gun and left the shop with one. Buying a dangerous weapon should be harder.

Republicans Control the Texas Legislature

Since Gov. Greg Abbott was reelected and Republicans control the Texas Legislature, we need them to keep their pledges to fight violent crime with data-driven solutions.

As a teacher and mother of two young children, one of whom attends my school, school shootings fatigue me. Years of gun violence inaction have drained me. I’m devastated and done.

Gun violence—and violent crime—can be reduced by keeping dangerous people from getting weapons.

We’re equipped. Abbott must cooperate with the state Legislature to tighten background checks, age limits, and waiting periods for weapons purchases.

A message for Texas Republicans: Gun violence is the problem

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As a gun owner, teacher, and father, I thank Washington leaders who passed gun reform legislation earlier this year and continue to fight for gun safety.

I hope Republicans who claim to be “tough on crime” use their authority in areas like Texas to end gun violence in communities around the nation.

Source: https://www.dallasnews.com/

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