Texas Bill Would Give Food Desert Grocery Stores Tax Credits

The Albertsons on Lemmon and McKinney Avenues where Anga Sanders used to shop shuttered years ago.

Her neighbourhood, home to 20,000 Dallasites, is a food desert, with no nutritious food alternatives within 5 miles. Sanders shopped at a 13-mile-away Albertsons.

“Right beyond the shop entrance, maybe 10 feet inside, was a salad bar,” she added. “It was beautiful—everything you needed to create your own salad.”

She frequented the salad bar. “And just one day in November [2014], I paused as I stepped in the front door, suddenly realising after all these years that there was nothing like it south of Interstate 30 in Dallas. Zero.”

Uploaded Salad Bar Photographs on Social Media

Sanders got approximately 100 responses from others like her who had to drive far for fresh, wholesome meals.

Sanders added, “It showed a lot of fury, not just mine.” She convened a community gathering with others who had similar experiences.

Sanders founded Feed Oak Cliff, a charity. Sanders said, “Our aim was to recruit established quality food stores.” She foolishly thought these merchants didn’t know about food deserts.

Texas Bill Would Offer Tax Credits for Grocery Stores that Open in Food  Deserts | Dallas Observer

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“You foolish shit,” she said.

She discovered that getting nutritious food to city food deserts was difficult. Houston Democrat Rep.

Shawn Thierry’s Measure

Dallas has attempted many food desert solutions. It attempted to subsidise its grocery store in south Dallas.Save-U-More Grocery is closed.

America's food deserts start seeing influx of healthy foods thanks to  federal funds | Food | The Guardian

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Dallas has also discussed regulating dollar and convenience shops, saying their availability deters food retailers. Food deserts persist.

Grocery companies warned Sanders’ group that certain locations didn’t have enough consumers or discretionary cash. They also cited crime rates.

Source: https://localtoday.news/tx/

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