Tennessee Woman Charged for Child Neglect: Her 5-year-old Daughter Waxing Adults

According to police documents, a Tennessee lady has been charged with child neglect after posting photographs on Instagram of her 5-year-old daughter helping her wax adult clients for hair removal.

After receiving many complaints about the contentious tweet on February 15, the Memphis Police Department acted quickly.

According to reports from the Commercial Appeal, the photographs showed a little child applying hot wax to the pubic area of adults, causing significant alarm and outrage.

Arrest Affidavit Reveals Shocking Revelations

As facts from the arrest affidavit emerged, the situation deteriorated.

The woman’s name has not been revealed, but she apparently admitted in the now-deleted post that her daughter had waxed an astounding 24 clients.

Tennessee Woman Charged for Child Neglect Her 5-year-old Daughter Waxing Adults in Instagram Photos (1)

Even more frightening was the discovery that this procedure lasted more than eight hours.

Such findings created major concerns about the child’s well-being and safety, requiring immediate action from law enforcement.

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A Woman Faces Charges of Child Neglect

The woman who made the viral Instagram post was arrested as a result of the fallout. On Monday, she was arrested on a warrant charging her with child neglect.

This development highlights the gravity of the matter and sends a clear message about the legal ramifications of jeopardizing a child’s well-being.

Check out the tweet that we have included below:

As the case progresses, authorities are likely to probe deeper into the circumstances surrounding the occurrence, ensuring that proper measures are made to protect the child’s welfare and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Finally, the horrific photographs shared on social media have put light on a troubling case of alleged child maltreatment, requiring immediate action by law officials.

The tragedy serves as a sharp reminder of the significance of vigilance in preserving the well-being of children. It emphasizes the need for strong procedures to avoid such terrible acts from occurring in the future.

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