Teenager Charged of Three Homicides Near His Home in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Metro police have found out who the teenager is who they think killed someone in January.

Alonzo Brown, 19, was named as the suspect in the apartment murder that occurred on January 18 in the 1900 block of East Tropicana Avenue on Thursday.

Upon arriving at the complex, authorities discovered an adult male seated in a vehicle with several gunshot wounds. A medical examiner ruled he had died at the gunshot site.

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The police now believe that Brown shot the unnamed victim as he was seated in his vehicle.

Clark County Detention Centre

Brown had previously been taken into jail at the Clark County Detention Center on suspicion of two other killings that had occurred earlier this spring. The crimes were first reported by the 8 News Now Investigators back in June.

Police said in court filings that Brown resided in close proximity to both crime locations. According to the police, less than 300 feet separated Tropicana Avenue and Nellis Boulevard.

Authorities said earlier this year that there had been two murders in the same place, one in June and one in May.

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Clark County’s coroner reports that 36-year-old Josue Nain-Chaparro-Montalvo was shot and killed in June.

Witnesses reported seeing a guy, subsequently identified as Brown, jogging through the neighbourhood during the time in question.

The police recovered a down coat and a pair of white gloves during their search. It was also reported that the police discovered a pair of black jeans.

Identified 62-Year-Old Paul Viana

The CCTV footage, according to the police, clearly shows Brown donning the abandoned garments. After the guy left the convenience shop, Brown followed him outside. They also claimed that the footage showed Brown sprinting and removing his trousers.

Later, police discovered that a similar killing had happened in the same region in May. The coroner’s office in Clark County identified the deceased as 62-year-old Paul Viana.

Viana was shot at a bus stop. The culprit, eventually identified as Brown, had also disrobed in that episode. The suspect matched descriptions of the June murder, according to authorities.

After the fact, police saw footage from Brown’s hit-and-run accident at the Whitney Library from last year on body cameras, they claimed. The body cam footage revealed that Brown had worn the same clothes in both murders.

June saw the arrest of Brown as he left his residence.

From other events in May and June, he faces two counts of first-degree murder and one count of carrying a hidden firearm without a licence.

In January, Brown was reportedly rebooked for a third charge of open murder related to the case.

In a press statement on June 27, police said he had been in detention since that day.

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