Teen Thinks Neighbor Hates Him but ends up with a Surprise!

A 14-year old from Edmonton, Canada is overwhelmed with joy after receiving a surprise from neighbors that pushes forward his dreams of being in the NBA.

For about a year, Anthony Muobike spent hours in his front yard dribbling basketball, being very careful not to cause a big disturbance with the neighbors with his hobby.

What he did not know is that the neighbors he was being very cautious about had come to admire his skills and commitment. After watching him play by himself for months, without a net to shoot the ball, one neighbor, Ian Ray, decided to intervene.

Ray, who had lived in the same neighborhood for 13 years, grow fond of Muobike’s commitment and impressive skills but knew he was missing something. He explained, “He was just a kid who dribbled a basketball all day. I kind of figured it would be cool if he had a net.”

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To make his plan a reality, Ray reached out to their neighbors and even posted to Facebook about his intentions, and in no time, several members of the community offered to donate their used nets to the boy.

In addition to the net, neighbors threw in some cash donations, making up a sum of $750. This contribution was used to acquire a sport check gift card for the teen.

Ray never thought it would become this big and when the time came to present Muobike his gifts, the teen was overwhelmed with joy.

He explained how he stepped out of his home and saw Ray, a neighbor he barely ever saw. Ray directed him to the grand present waiting right outside, taking him by surprise.

“It does touch my heart. It actually just makes me feel happy inside. It just makes my mind blow like wow,” the teen recounted.

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