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Teen Arrested for Shooting Times Square Tourist and Police Officer!

Teen Arrested for Shooting Times Square Tourist and Police Officer!

Teen Arrested for Shooting Times Square Tourist and Police Officer!

Just outside of New York City, a 15-year-old boy has been taken into custody on suspicion of shooting a Brazilian tourist in the leg and then shooting at a police officer as they were running through Times Square.

Almost twenty-four hours after the shooting that started in a sports store and spread to the street in Manhattan, the adolescent was taken into custody in a Yonkers home that authorities think may be connected to a family member.

The fact that no one was critically hurt in the shooting was described as a “genuine miracle” by New York City Police Commissioner Edward Caban during a press conference on Friday night following the arrest. “In the middle of the busiest, most highly trafficked part of this city, a criminal with a firearm decided to pull the trigger,” he stated.

Police had identified the suspect hours earlier as a Venezuelan immigrant who had arrived in New York late last year and was living in a Manhattan migrant shelter. According to authorities, he is also being investigated for an armed robbery that occurred in the Bronx and another shooting that happened in Times Square last month.

Shortly after 7 p.m., according to the police, the accused shooter and two other young people were trying to steal a jacket from the store when a security guard approached them and demanded to see a receipt. The guard reclaimed the merchandise after the three were unable to provide one.

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The youngster allegedly pulled out a revolver at that moment and fired at her, wounding 38-year-old Brazilian tourist Tatiele Ribeiro Lemos, who was standing by the cashier, waiting to purchase a pair of shoes, but missing the security guard.

In an interview, Ms. Ribeiro Lemos talked about the “scary moment” she realized she had been shot, which she shared with NBC News, Sky News’ US partner network. “I started checking myself, then looked at my leg and saw blood dripping down, but I was able to stay calm,” she explained in Portuguese. “I believe this was just an unfortunate incident; it could have happened anywhere in the world.”

At a nearby hospital, the wound was sutured with thirteen stitches. Then, the adolescent fled into the city with one of the other young people who was with him. Four blocks away on 47th Street, two officers saw them and placed the second young person under arrest.

One of the policemen pursued the adolescent as he ran toward 6th Avenue, slicing between buildings at one point. There, according to the authorities, he turned and shot the officer. “Our officer pulls out a gun. John Chell, the NYPD Chief of Patrol, stated during a press conference on Thursday night that “he cannot fire.” “Too many people around, there’s too many people ducking.”

Under his arm, the adolescent fired once more before sprinting into a subway station to make his escape. According to Chief of Patrol Chell, surveillance footage showed him approaching the tracks and then coming back out onto the street. A sixteen-year-old third suspect was taken into custody on Friday morning.

Prior to the suspected shooter’s arrest on Friday, police claimed to have spoken with hundreds of people and gotten surveillance photographs of him. It’s unknown if the teenage suspect has an attorney who can represent him.

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