Suspect captured in deadly shooting at Edgewater Tesla charging station

Adam Michael Fresquez was shot and killed at a Tesla supercharger station close to the Edgewater Public Market. A man from Denver has been taken into custody by the police in connection with the incident.

Manslaughter and second-degree murder are the charges that have been brought against Jeremy Alan Smith, who is 39 years old, according to the Edgewater Police Department.

There was a shooting that took place on May 3 in the 5500 block of West 20th Avenue at approximately 9:39 in the morning.

Man arrested in deadly shooting at Edgewater Tesla charging station:

In accordance with the Edgewater police department, video evidence demonstrates that both Smith and Fresquez, who is 33 years old, arrived at the supercharger station within a few seconds of one other.

After conducting an investigation that lasted for several months, the police discovered that the incident that resulted in Fresquez being maced and shot twice in the back was caused by road rage.

In the footage, Fresquez is seen walking toward Smith’s Tesla, and then less than a minute later, he can be seen stumbling.

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This is according to the allegations being made by the police. After after, Smith is seen on film leaving the parking spot and heading in the direction of the east.

According to Edgewater police, Smith contacted 911 within minutes and said that he had maced and shot a person at the charging station after the other man “pulled a gun” on him. Smith also stated that he had been assaulted by the other man.

It was confirmed by personnel from West Metro Fire Rescue that both Fresquez and Smith were armed. The pistol was discovered within Fresquez’s clothing, “near his groin,” according to the police.

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