Surprise Stimulus: Here’s How You Can Get $285 Payments

Maine residents will be receiving a surprise stimulus check of $285 on the 15th of November.  The Tax Assessor for the state of Maine will be providing a sum of $285 to taxpayers with an annual income below $150,000 for couples, $112,000 for household heads, and $75,000 for individuals.

However, beneficiaries need to have worked throughout the entirety of 2020 to get the payment.

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The state has been referring to these stimulus payments as hazard pay for those individuals who have worked throughout the pandemic. People who have previously filed your taxes in the state of Maine last year and meet the requirements mentioned above, should ideally be receiving a stimulus check payment of $285.

As of now, the state has already started issuing 5,000 to 25,000 checks which would be delivered over the next six weeks. If a beneficiary has claimed themselves as a dependent, they won’t be deemed eligible for the stimulus funds. 

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A few months ago, the IRS sent out at least $1,400 worth of payments. 
The new income thresholds were based on a taxpayer’s most recent return. If they’ve already filed a 2020 return by the time the payment is sent and it has been processed, the IRS will base eligibility on their 2020 adjusted gross income.
If not, it will be based on the 2019 return or the information submitted through an online portal set up last year for people who don’t usually file tax returns.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that Maine’s total gross state product for 2019 was $67.7 billion, representing a 1.4% growth rate over the previous year. Per capita personal income in 2019 was $50,634, ranking 30st nationally.  The increase was 9.9% over 2018 results.

The largest industry in Maine was the category of finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing, representing almost 21% of the total and accounted for 1.2% of real growth.

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The second largest segment was government (and related enterprises) representing 14%, and experienced a decline of .06%.

The largest contributor to real DGP growth in 2019 was educational services, health care and social assistance, which accounted for .30% of the total growth in real GDP.

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